Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I pay for DJ’s services?

A: You can pay by Check, Credit card or Cash. We require approximately a 40% deposit of the total fee for our services prior to your event. We then set you up with an installment plan that allows you to pay down the balance over time prior to your event. 

Q: What time will Dj arrive to set up equipment for my party?

A: Depending on what package you choose, anywhere from 45 minutes to 90 minutes before an event begins. The amount of time needed depends on what equipment we shall be setting up. For example a basic package will not take as long as a full intelligent light show and karaoke set up

Q: How many songs can you play at my party?

A: It’s really a matter of simple mathematics. If the average song is 3 minutes long, then that’s approximately 20 songs per hour. If your party is 4 hours, then we’ll probably play around 80 songs at your party.

Q: Do All Events DJ’s play songs with curses or objectionable lyrics in them?

A: No! Our company policy, whenever possible, is to avoid playing these songs or at least play the “clean” version of the song. All of our music is radio edited.

Q: How will All Events DJ’s Employees dress for my event?

A: You set our dress code, if the issue does not arise, we always dress neatly and professionally. If your event is a formal event, such as a wedding, bar or bat mitzvah, indoor corporate event, christening, communion or any other semi-formal or formal event, we will wear a full tuxedo. If your event is outdoors and casual, we wear black pants, rubber soled shoes, and a Polo-style company shirt with our logo on it.

Q: Why don’t you list package prices on your web site?

A: The main reason is because prices often vary from party to party. For example: Although a wedding package may appear to be the same as a backyard summer party package, in that they both may include a DJ, an MC, party goods and lights, the difference is in the intangibles. There is more preparation and more responsibilities that go into the planning of a wedding. Generally speaking, weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs and corporate events command higher prices than communions, sweet 16’s, christenings and birthday parties. Other variables include, the time of year, day of the week and party location. Parties in January and February are typically discounted. Parties held on Monday thru Thursday at any time of the year are also discounted. If we are required to travel an extended distance, there is an additional charge.

Q: Will you take requests during my party?

A: Yes, if you would like us to, we will take your guests requests throughout your affair.

Q: Will you play requests?

A: Although we don’t promise to absolutely, positively play every request we get, we sincerely do our best to play as many as we can. Remember, not all songs are appropriate at certain times. As professionals we will do our best to work in requests as quickly as possible. In other words, you can’t be expected to play a rock song in the middle of a disco set without seriously jeopardizing the integrity of a full dance floor. Our goal is to keep people dancing. It would be unfair to sacrifice the momentum of a really rocking’ dance floor just so you can get someone’s inappropriate request in sooner. Naturally, If the host or hostess asks us to play something right away, we will.

Q: Are You sufficiently insured?

A: Yes, occasionally, catering halls will require DJ’s to have liability insurance. If your caterer requests a copy of our policy, we will be happy to email a copy to their office.

Q: What is your policy on cancellations, postponements and rescheduling?

1) After signing an agreement you have 3 days to cancel without losing any of your deposit.
2) If DJ services are canceled within 30 days of the date of event, deposit is non – refundable.
3) If DJ services are canceled before 30 days of the above stated date of event, half of the deposit will be refunded.
4) Contract is valid rain or shine. Client is required to provide entertainers with shelter from rain.
5) If cancellation is required as a result of weather, there is no loss of deposit if event is rescheduled to a mutually agreeable time and date.
6) Unless otherwise specified, we reserve the right to make personnel substitutions for said event when necessary.

Q: Do you bring back-up equipment?

A: We carry a backup system to all of our events to ensure that if something occurred to our main system, the party may continue.

Q: Do you use records, tapes or CDs?

A: We exclusively use Compact Discs or computers.

Q: How do I lock down and secure my date?

1) Once we receive your deposit we immediately lock down the date.  You will then receive the contract via email which you will need to  read and sign once you are satisfied.